10.25.21 – Dr. Jamie Marshall, owner of Quality of Life Chiropractor – The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler

Join the conversation with Rick and Dr. Jamie Marshall, owner of
Quality of Life Chiropractor.

Dr. Marshall joins us to update the community on the state of her business as it continues to grow through out Montgomery County. She shares the challenges of opening a second business location.

Rick will go to the mailbag to answer the question posed by a listener: “What are the Most Important Steps I Need to Take in my Business before the End of the Year?”

Rick will also offer his Tip of the Week: “Are You Allowing You and Your Business to Become Obsolete?

Quality of Life Chiropractic Online: https://qoflchiropractic.com/

Quality of Life Chiropractic – Montgomery on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QofLMontgomery/

Quality of Life Chiropractic – Magnolia – https://www.facebook.com/QofLchiro/


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