1.15.18 – Josh Cherry, Robby Marlow & Ashley Easterwood – TWBH

Growing Your Business

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Josh Cherry and Robby Marlow, franchise partners with Delta Life Fitness joined us to share their business story of how they have used the franchise model to build a fast-growing business. These guys not only have a great business story, but they are well-disciplined entrepreneurs who offered great tips and ideas how you can really increase your growth.

Ashley Easterwood, owner of Springwood Marketing joine us for the first time in the “Expert Corner”. Ashley offered some great idea on how to make your website work for you. It is not as easy as post it and they will come. True website referrals come by not only hard but smart work.

Rick offered his Silver Fox Advisor Tip of the Week, “What is the Temperature of Your Financial Plan for 2018?” Financial plan in place? If not get it done today. We all need numeric benchmarks to successfully run and build our business. Don’t be afraid to commit to your numbers. Listen to learn how to make your numbers work for you.

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