7.17.17 – Luke Voltz & Dick Hendee – TWBH

Community Involvement

Luke Voltz, VP of Buyer Accounts for the Cain Team at Keller Williams join us to share his experience in community involvement. He has developed a powerful tool that combines business with community service, which creates a win-win situation.

Dick Hendee, President of Horizon Associates, Inc. also join us. Dick provided an update on the lending market for small businesses. The loan market has eased a bit but many small businesses are still locked out. Dick shares his experience on how to get the loan you need.

Rick offers his Silver Fox Advisor Tip of the Week, “Getting It Right” As business owners, we are expected to get it right every time we make a decision. This ‘standard’ creates an impossible situation for most of us leading to frustration and bad decisions. Rick offers some ideas of how to ‘Get it Right’ most of the time.

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