3.5.18 – Bruce Kuehn & Lisa McElroy – The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler

Remaining Focused & Disciplined

Bruce Kuehn, owner of Southern Cross Communications joins us to share his business story on how to build a growing business by staying solo. Bruce has used the technology hot telephone sales and service business to his advantage. You stay up with the technology and you can make it work without taking on the responsibility of employees.

Lisa McElroy, owner of Alegre HR, joins us to discuss her checklist for a successful hire. Whether you are hiring your first employee and your 99th , Lisa can provide you with hiring tips that give you a much better chance of making the right hire.

Rick closes out his focus on technology and its place in small business with his 1bestcosult Tip of the Week, “What is Under the Hood of Your Business Technology?” Take stock of your technology and then move forward to upgrade or replace it if your business needs to. Don’t be afraid of involving 3rd parties, as we all need some help when it comes to selecting the right technology.

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