April 20th, 2015 – The Weekly Business Hour – Priyanka Johri of Woodlands Eco Reality

Priyanka Johri is a trained geologist and ecological consultant who is a licensed broker/realtor and pilot and owner of The Woodlands Eco Realty. She was once accused of not thinking outside the box, but thinking like there wasn’t even a box! Listen and hear how she has used her incredible drive to build her business, always believing the glass is not half empty or full, but overflowing.

About the guest

Priyanka Johri
Priyanka Johri

In her “previous life,” Priyanka worked for an International air lines in India after earning her commercial pilot’s license, after that she  earned her Masters of Science degree in Geology and worked as a petroleum geologist for Shell, Kerr McGee and Anadarko. After a life-changing experience, she realized that life is too short to not follow one’s passions, and she set about working on achieving her life’s goals sooner than she had planned.

To support her goals, she turned to her skills of risk analysis, negotiation and finding hidden potentials that she learned during her time as a pilot and geologist and applied them to a new career in real estate. Keeping true to her heart and philosophy, she founded The Woodlands Eco Real Estate, which specializes in helping buyers and sellers get the best price for their homes, and then converting the homes into sustainable homes that save money for the owners by saving energy and water. Motto of her company is People, pets and planet.

Because of her deep love of all life, Priyanka founded the Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary for special-needs animals, and she started volunteering for local charities. She is well known in the community for using her skills as a designer to design the Montgomery County’s Food Bank’s “Food Garden” and Montgomery County’s Women Center’s “Peace Garden.” To this day, 20% of all her commissions are donated to local charities.

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