10.30.17 – TWBH Stephen King & Kathryn Lane

Stephen King, with Growth Force joined us to share his personal business story as well as the great story about his company Growth Force. Growth Force provides basic accounting and bookkeeping services in a virtual format. They have clients located all across the United States. What really makes their company unique is that they also work with their client to understand and use their “numbers” to make better decisions concerning their business.

An old friend, author Kathryn Lane, joins us in a brand new segment, “Where Are They Now?” This segment will allow us to bring back previous guest and get an update on their story to learn how far they have gone in developing their business. Kathryn had just published her first novel, “Waking up in Medellin.” She has know published her second book in the Nikki Garcia Thriller series, “Coyote Zone.” Her business as an author continues to grow with the same challenges and rewards as any other business.

Rick offers his Silver Fox Advisor Tip of the Week, “Business Growth and Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor” Many times we start a business and down the road we realize we are not really able to enjoy the ‘fruits of your labor.’ How and why does this happen to business owners? Rick explores the causes and what you as a business owner can find time to enjoy the benefits of your business ownership.

Stephen King Online: https://www.growthforce.com/
Stephen King on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrowthForce/

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