2.12.18 – Andy & Elizabeth Greever and Doug Thorpe – The Weekly Business Hour

Remaining Focused & Disciplined

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Andy and Elizabeth Greever with EverSan Cooper join us to share their business story of how they have found success focusing on a niche that appeals to certain residential real estate sellers. Learn how focus and discipline helped them become a leading resource in the residential real estate sales marketing.

Doug Thorpe Leadership Powered by Common Sense and Author of “The Uncommon Commodity” joins us in the Expert Corner. Doug will discuss, “The Entrepreneur’s conundrum – growing your business takes giving up a little control”

Rick continues his focus on technology with his Silver Fox Advisor Tip of the Week, “Your Business Website is Only a Beginning” Every business process has a beginning and an end. In the case of your business technology there is also a lot in the middle and really no end in sight. A business website is typically a good place to start building the technology that your business will use for communication both inside and outside of your business. Rick offers his viewpoint on how to build your business communication process on your website.

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