September 21st, 2015 – The Weekly Business Hour – Jeremy De Lost Santos

Jeremy de los Santos, the owner of Simple Life Chiropractic, joined us in the studio. Jeremy has utilized several unique business practices to start and grow his business. He shares some of his business processes with us and how he was able to reach profitability in a second location in only 2 months. Rick offers several business tips including the Silver Fox Advisors Tip of the Week, “Is There Room for Social Media in Your Workplace?” Rick also discusses the importance of connecting your business to the community you serve through non-profit involvement. His example, America’s Heroes First Foundation, which offers a chance to connect your business through a sustainable and 100% flow through program for our Veterans.

About the guest

Jeremy De Los Santos
Jeremy De Los Santos

Our vision is to radically transform how families in Montgomery County view and manage their health. The Central Nerve System is the Master control system of the body. All organ systems & vital functions are under the control of the CNS. Our job is simple. We remove nerve interference which in turn, allows the body to heal itself.

We believe the best relationships in life, both personal and professional are built on openness, transparency, and honesty. In the spirit of these three fundamentals, our practice is structured so there will be no financial surprises for either party. Our fee structure is unique.

Instead of paying for individual visits, you can now pay a monthly access fee that allows you to have your spine checked as often as you need as based on recommendations. We are excited to offer very approachable and non-intimidating access to chiropractic adjustments to prevent and correct spinal subluxations (nerve interference) resulting in true health.

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