October 16th, 2015 – The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler – Kimberly Nicole

Kimberly Nicole, who works with Berkshire Hathway Realtors, Brookfield Global Relocation Services and Cartus Relocation Services, joins us to offer a perspective of the Exxon Effect and why it created a buyers market. The condition of the local residential real estate market is a good indicator of the status of the overall business market. The existence of a buyer’s market in residential real estate foretells a business environment that still has some umph but is slowing down in some sectors.
Dick Hendee, owner and president of Horizon Associates, LLC, a Silver Fox Advisor and a member of our Business Roundtable of Business Experts, called in to talk about “Online Lending – is it right for your business?” Small businesses, particularly startups, often have limited choices to borrow money. Online Lending is a fast growing resource for these businesses to borrow the money they need to grow. The real question is what is the real costs of these type of loans.
Rick offers the Silver Fox Advisors tip of the week – “How to Solve Major Issues with Employees.

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