6.4.18 – Advi Coach & Bob Bamburg – The Weekly Business Hour

John Stacey, with Advi Coach joins us to discuss how coaching/mentoring can bring real value to a business owner. Rick will join John in a “Roundtable Discussion” on the challenges and merits of mentoring and coaching.

Bob Bamburg, author, speaker, coach on personal cyber security joins us in the Expert Corner to discuss the threats to our computers and what we can do about them. Find out how to be proactive to fend off the attacks that occur and threaten your computer every day.

Rick closes out the show with his 1BestCosult.com Tip of the Week: “Employee Training – When and How Much?” A trained workforce can make the difference between your business being profitable or not. Listen and learn when and how much training you should offer to increase your company’s productivity and profitability.

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