11.14.16 – The Weekly Business Hour with Rick – Special Guest Thom Bolsch

Hitting Your Mark

twbh-111416Our special studio guest this week is Thom Bolsch the owner of Saddle River Range. The Saddle River Range is one the top shooting ranges in the Greater Houston area. Listen and hear how Thom leveraged his experience of 25 years in the Secret Service to develop the vision and the know how to build a successful business.
Our Thought for the Week – “That’s Passion”, a look at what part your passion plays in the success of your business.” Also Rick discusses an update on the Legal Guidelines on drug testing in the work place. The show closes with a new look at what the, “Keys Are to Being a Great Leader.”

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Thom Bolsch Online: http://www.saddleriverrange.com/
Thom Bolsch on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saddleriverr…
Thom Bolsch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/saddleriverrng

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