2.25.19 – The Weekly Business Hour

Join us as we welcome back Randie Tonglet Morton to finish out her Soup to Nuts “All Things Bookkeeping” series that she started back in December. You can check out Randie’s first show on our YouTube channel, youtu.be/OxiNTvsKQx8.

We will also be joined a little later in our show by Bryan Kelley, of Prison Entrepreneurship Program (Official Page)

For more information about Randie, check out the links below:
Better Bookkeepers, Inc. Online: betterbookkeeperstx.com/
Better Bookkeepers, Inc. on Facebook: www.facebook.com/betterbookkeepers/
For more information about Bryan, check out the links below:
Prison Entrepreneurship Program Online: www.pep.org/
Prison Entrepreneurship Program on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PrisonEntrepreneurship/

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