July 27th, 2015 – The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schisser – Cindy Cline

Cindy Cline, co-owner of Media Southwest and a noted motivational speaker, joined us to discuss the importance of having a passion and a positive attitude when building a business. Darwin Pressley,a financial planner with EdwardJones and a member of our Roundtable of Business Experts, presented several alternative retirement plans that work for small businesses and their employees. Our Silver Fox Tip of the week, “What is the Biggest Mistake that Small Business Owners make with their Employees?

About the guest

Cindy Cline is the co-owner of Media South West production company, and is a motivational speaker, workshop and seminar leader, and the author of “Always Hope” a motivational coffee table book featuring 25 short stories of people overcoming life’s most challenging circumstances. The 25 people featured in the book are called “Hope Ambassadors” and each story is accompanied by beautiful photography by nationally known photographer, Alisa Murray.
Cindy’s passion is helping people heal their past hurts and guiding them into living the life that were meant live.

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