3.19.18 – with Roger Courts and Rita Wiltz – The Weekly Business Hour

First Question When Hiring – Where Do I Find the Right People?

Roger Courts, owner of ReKey Xpress joins us to share his plan to reinvent the locksmith business. Technology is catching up with his industry and he feels it is either re-invent one’s self or wither.

Rita Wiltz, Executive Director of Children’s Books on Wheels www.childrensbooksonwheels.org/ joins us in the Community Corner. Rita’s charity offers a number of community based programs and she will join us to talk about why businesses need to support their area non-profits. She will also let us in on her newest program that will be rolling out in May.

Rick closes out the show with his 1BestCosult.com Tip of the Week: “First Question When Hiring – Where Do I Find the Right People?” One of the biggest challenge when looking for new employees is knowing where to look. There are many sources but some are definitely better than others.

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