1.22.18 – Dick Schissler & Terry Weaver – TWBH

Starting and Growing Your Business

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Dick Schissler, founder/owner of Lone Star Community Radio joins us to share his business story of how and why he decided to start a community radio station. Lone Star Community Radio is celebrating its 5th year on the air. Dick offers his thoughts on how to start build and grow a business to reach that all important 5-years in business mark.

Terry Weaver, Director/Founder of Veterans∙Entrepreneurs∙Leaders Institute joins us in the Community Corner. Veterans∙Entrepreneurs∙Leaders Institute is hosting a keynote address on January 25th by. Dr. Todd Dewett on “Using Creativity to Maximize your Leadership”. Dr. Dewett is one of the Inc. 100 top 100 speakers.

Rick continues his focus on planning with his Silver Fox Advisor Tip of the Week, “Do I Need to Use a Dynamic Business Plan?” A Dynamic Business Plan evolves over the course of the year. Is your business stuck with static planning? Is it growing so fast that your plan does not keep up with your growth. Listen to find out about an alternative that might offer you a better planning alternative.

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