11.27.17 – Would You Be A Customer Of Your Business? – TWBH

Angela Schimmels, Proud Owner of Image 360 North Houston joined us to share her great business story. Angela and her husband abandoned their corporate jobs to gain more freedom and increase their opportunity to earn more as entrepreneurs. She also shares one of her secrets of success; choose and develop each employee according to a unique plan that fits their skills, strengths and weaknesses and their goals.

Dick Hendee, President of Horizons Associates, Inc. and current President of the Silver Fox Advisors returned to our “Expert Corner” to talk about an article he published “WOULD YOU BE A CUSTOMER OF YOUR BUSINESS?” Dick advocates that developing your company’s culture and using it as a basis to train your employees is the key to better more consistent customer service.

Rick offers his Silver Fox Advisor Tip of the Week, “Holiday Survival – How to Grow and Thrive During the Holidays.” It really does not matter if your business serves consumers or businesses, the holidays present their own set of challenges to every business. Do you have your “Holiday – Check List in Place?

Angela Schimmels Online: www.image360.com/houstonspringtx
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