March 23rd, 2015 – The Weekly Business Hour – Courtney Coats

“Darwin Pressley, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, Inc., stopped by to extend invitation to everyone to attend a business forum scheduled for this Thursday March 26th. Listen to get the complete details”

“How to turn your career into your own business. Listen to Courtney Coats Topini, owner of CO2 Designs, explain how she took her passion and made it into a very successful business.”

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courtney coats
Courtney Coats

I love Graphic Design and the opportunity to implement it in my clients Social Media Management. After losing my job after Hurricane Katrina and stepping out of the Graphic Design industry…….Social Media has given me a new platform to showcase my design ability. ​ ​In a nut shell, I post my client’s message, content and branding across the Social Media Platforms.  I send out weekly Newsletters. I design ads in Photoshop then post them to Face Book, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Yelp, Open Table and Woodlands Online​ (a local online source)​. ​Doing what you love to do is never really “hard” work. ​

First and foremost, my family means the world to me and because of their support, ​my biggest business accomplishment has been to double my client base and revenue from last year, while cutting back on hours worked. Henceforth, allowing me to spend more quality time with ​them.

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