2.10.20 – John Stacy P.2 – The Weekly Business Hour

2.3.20 – John Stacy P.1 – The Weekly Business Hour – Live on Lone Star Community Radio

We will have John Stacy with AdviCoach (www.closingstrong.com ), joining us in a “Soup to Nuts Conversation” entitled Roadmap to Success: Mergers & Acquisitions. Can your business grow through a merger with another business or perhaps through the purchase of another business? Tune in and hear John Stacy talk about the how to and the pros and cons of growing your business through mergers and acquisitions.

I will offer my 1bestconsult Tip of the Week – “You Want to Own a Business? – Major Challenges that You Could Face”

In our “Did You Know” segment I will discuss how you can get more out of your day just like the guy down the street – “Get More Done in the Same Amount of Time.”

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