8.29.22 – Prepare for Fall and Holidays with Events and Signage – Conroe Culture News with Margie Taylor

The Greater Magnolia Parkway Chamber is having their annual Fall Fest and Magic of Christmas Parade. Get involved with the Chamber and Grow Your Business.

SpeedPro Magnolia has the graphics and signs you need to GO BOLD!

Segment 1:
Sandy Barton and Jason Brandolini of the GMPCC share information about the growing area of Southwest Montgomery County, the upcoming Fall and Holiday events, and monthly ways to increase business relationships.

Segment 2:
Kathy and Brian DeNoble operate SpeedPro Magnolia serving Montgomery County and beyonbd with graphics, banners, signage inside and outside, programs, elevator wraps, directional signage, vehicle wraps, and more. Kathy is the Chairman Elect of the GMPCC.



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