7.25.22 – Internships with ExxonMobile and Conroe Founder’s Day – Conroe Culture News

Today we will hear about the internship program with our local nonprofits through a grant from ExxonMobile and Conroe Founder’s Day.

Segment 1:
2022 ExxonMobil Foundation Community Summer Jobs Program partners with nonprofits through grants to have interns. Emmanuelle Enombo, an alumna of The Woodlands High School and incoming University of Oklahoma junior will be joined by Leah Roberts, Fund Development Coordinator and supervisor at L.I.F.E. Houston.

Segment 2:
Lyn Hawthorne-Howard is the Chair of the Conroe Founder’s Day and is joined by Elaine Collings, Rebel Joan Of Arc Docents for the Event.


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