6.5.17 – Conroe Recreation and the Best Jewelry Store

Conroe Recreation and the Best Jewelry Store

Rob Hamilton, Manager of Recreation Operations and Elizabeth West-Event Coordinator joined Conroe Culture with a list of activities for the kids through teens and adults this summer and beyond. More information to stay engaged is available in The Playbook that is published 3 times/year or their website. https://www.facebook.com/ConroeParksandRec


Janice Parish has been a part of Brownlee Jewelers since 1981 as a high school graduate. She learned the business from mentor, Lewis Brownlee, Jr and was given the opportunity to run the store in 1988. She has vast knowledge about jewelry repair, appraisals, creating custom work, and can make any jewelry piece a happy memorable experience. 36 years in the business running the oldest jewelry store in the area, connect with Janice anytime you want expert advice! https://www.facebook.com/Brownlee-Jewelers


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