5.2.17 -Events in May – Conroe Americana Music Festival and Patient Appreciation Day!

The Conroe Americana Music Festival is coming to Downtown Conroe May 5-7 with 54 live performances in 6 venues all for 1 ticket. Caleb Hoelscher and Mason Lankford of Folk Family Revival joined the show to share information and play a couple of tunes we can expect to hear during their performances at the event. Read more about the bands and get tickets by visiting the website.


Dr. Brian McGee of Rodgers Stein Chiropractic shared information about the Cox Technic that is performed through the certified doctors at the clinic. The Cox Technic is specific to their office and is used as an alternative to surgery for many spinal conditions using decompression and spinal manipulation.
Rodgers Stein has been serving the Greater Conroe since 2004 and is having a FREE Patient Appreciation Day Saturday, May 6.


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