2.19.18 – Upcoming Elections and Men Unleashed! – Conroe Culture

Candidates speak out and Bobbie Weatherford

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Cynthia Jamieson is running for Montgomery County District Clerk. Jamieson has worked for Montgomery County for 10 years, 5 of which have been in the Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, where Jamieson is currently the Homeland Security Planner.
Connect with her about her qualifications and campaign.

Men Unleashed is a non-profit organization with a community outreach program designated to go in to the community and be the Hands & Feet of Christ to help elderly, widows, the lost, addicted, homeless and broken.

As a retired law enforcement vet, Carl White is a candidate for Conroe City Council Pos. 5 on the May 2018 ballot. He intends to leverage the power of Conroe residents, to brainstorm on ideas to help the community build up the city by hosting business forums to connect the owners to resources and entrepreneurs.

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 This show is sponsored by

Kirsten Bays For Judge, 284th District Court

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