11.12.18 – Soup to Nuts with Alan Stroud Part III

11.12.18 - Soup to Nuts with Alan Stroud Part III

Please join us for a new of “Soup to Nuts” conversation. We will be talking once again with Alan Stroud in the third and final part of this 3-part series, “Estate Planning for Business Owners. Alan is a board-certified attorney in Estate Planning and Probate law with the Law Offices of James R. Beck.

In our “Did You Know” segment today we will talk about “Cyberattacks a real threat to your business and 8 tips to prevent them.”

I will close the show with his 1bestconsult Tip of the Week – “Why is Your Website Failing to Produce Results?” Every business now has a website. Why does your website fail to provide you leads and sales opportunites. Maybe you left out one of more of the key design factors. We will cover the 5 most important factors that must be addressed in getting your website to attract customers.

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