EMC News 4 3 17 Care for your Loved Ones-Guardianships and the YMCA!

Care for your Loved Ones-Guardianships and the YMCA!

Many times we are faced with having to make decisions for adults either from a sudden accident, an intellectual disability, or possible dementia. Guardianships are a court ordered process along with both a medical confirmation and an attorney to be able to make decisions in their behalf. Judge Claudia Laird from County Court of Law 2 explains the process. Volunteers are always needed to act as “Guardian Angels” in behalf of these Special People. Contact the staff for more details at www.MCTX.org Departments-County Courts-County Court of Law 2. Pauline Veazey and Aaron Folds shared upcoming ways to get involved in both the Conroe YMCA and the EMC YMCA. Upcoming events include the Healthy Kids Day April 22, May 4 Golf Tournament, and all the recreational activites at both YMCA’s. The YMCA is a holistic way of caring for you and your loved ones through mind, body, and spirit. Positive changes to bind a people together and bridge the gaps in community needs.



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