Episode 53 – Zack Kowalske – Crime Scene Today on Lone Star Community Radio

Episode 53 – Zack Kowalske – Crime Scene Today on Lone Star Community Radio

Zack Kowalkse, the renowned author of the recently published book titled “Gaming the Reaper,” has made his work available on Amazon. Apart from being an accomplished writer, Zack possesses a diverse set of professional roles, including that of a Detective, Crime Scene investigator, and Ph.D. candidate. He is currently engrossed in completing his dissertation, which delves into analyzing bloodstain patterns on various surfaces and in different environments. Notably, Zack’s expertise extends beyond traditional boundaries, as he has collaborated with NASA to explore the behavior of blood in zero gravity conditions. During a captivating encounter at the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, we had the privilege of catching up with Zack and delving into the numerous projects and research endeavors he is currently undertaking.

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