Episode 30 – Vinnie Montez Police Commander and Comedian

Episode 30 – Vinnie Montez Police Commander and Comedian with Dan Zientek -Live on Lone Star Community Radio

Vinnie has spent over 2o years as a Colorado police officer in all areas of law enforcement. Last week he made a heartfelt statement about his feelings on being a police officer on Facebook that went viral and has over 1.6 million views. Vinnie is part of Humanize The Badge building relationships with communities and the police. To survive the mental stresses of police work Vinnie started doing stand up comedy and has traveled around the country performing stand up. This week we will be talking with Vinnie about what it is like to police in Colorado, his involvement in Humanizing the Badge, and his stand up career along with his police career. Vinnie has a full comedy special you can listen to for free on Dry Bar Comedy.

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