Episode 34 – Dave Anderson – Becoming a Leader of Character

Episode 34 – Dave Anderson – Becoming a Leader of Character

Dave was highlighted in IACP Police Chier magazine for Great Ideas 2020 Shaping the Future of Policing. Dave Anderson and Chief of Police Penny Dunn wrote the article Developing Officers and Agencies of Character

Dave Anderson is a West Point graduate and decorated combat veteran. He earned a bronze star during Operation Desert Storm. Along with Co-authoring the Amazon bestseller –Becoming a Leader of Character, Dave has authored more than 700 articles on leadership and personal growth on his blogsite. Since 2017, Dave has personally led over 1000 law enforcement professionals from 45 plus agencies through his Officers and Agencies of Character seminars across the country.

You can contact Dave Anderson:


Website: www.officersofcharacter.com

Linkedin: daveanerson1988

Twitter: @daveanderson88

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