Episode 3 – Mike Fulton, Forensic Photographer/Crime Scene Supervisor

A Texan through and through, Mike Fulton started his photographic life by finding his father’s Kodak 35mm camera which was purchased while his father served in the United States Navy. Self-taught, Mike explored his interest in photography by expanding his hobby to the professional level in 1994 when he became a Crime Scene Investigator for a Sheriff’s Department just outside of Houston, Texas. Learning all aspects of photography as a need in his CSI work, Mike quickly excelled in the concepts and details in the science of photography especially his speedlights and external lighting.

Mike expanded from the science side of photography and moved into the art side in 1995 when he started capturing weddings and portraits on a professional level. Continuing with his self-taught education, Mike learned the details of how TTL wireless flash worked as well as many other fast and portable aspects of photography. Using this knowledge today Mike is a Supervisor over the Crime Scene Unit at the Houston Forensic Science Center and continues to educate both general and forensic photographers around the world on flash and wireless lighting concepts.

Holding a Masters of Science Degree within Criminal Justice with a specialization in Forensic Science, a former Board of Director of the Professional Photographers of America (www.PPA.com) as well as former Kodak Photographer to Watch for the world, Mike has shared his extensive photography knowledge at worldwide events such as CreativeLive, WPPI, ImagingUSA to name a few. Mike has also taught professional level photography lighting aspects in every state within the United States as well as many counties around the world.

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