3.29.17 – Tracey “Leo” Harris, with Conroe Coffee and guest artist, Riley – MCLS

Tracey "Leo" Harris, owner of Conroe Coffee, is wildly exciting and has a guest artist, Riley, in the studio! LISTEN and VISIT!

Tracey “Leo” Harris, owner of Conroe Coffee, is wildly exciting today! This little coffee, sandwich, soup, art, ice cream and community shop is the LIGHT of Main St. There is so much happening and so much that she is excited to implement as the downtown merchants want YOU, as their guests. LEO brought Riley, a young and aspiring artist. This Friday, the 31st, Conroe Coffee will be hosting a CARNIVALE art show and Riley will be the artist in house. He will have 20 pieces of his artwork and YES…. it will be for sale. Check them out and come get some sangria and appetizers and experience downtown as it deserves.


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