Bill is No Bully w/Cindy Hedeman, Championship Bull Riding and Misti Jeter, Mrs Montgomery County

"Bill is No Bully"/Cindy Hedeman and Championship Bull Riding

Cindy Hedeman, author of Bill is No Bully and Benny Cude of Championship Bull Riding joined us today. “Bill is No Bully” is an ANTI-BULLYING book written to target elementary age children. Bill is a 1900 lb bull that is a gentle giant and is the epitome of what and who COULD be a bully but chooses NOT to be.

Championship Bull riding has teamed up and supported this endeavor to promote bully awareness and to help bring light to an issue that touches kids up to adults. Follow them both on Facebook at:

Mrs Montgomery County Misti Jeter discusses her personal experiences with bullying and her desire to implement a program into the CISD system. She is also currently competing for Mrs Texas.

Shery Morgan of the Conroe Convention and Visitors Bureau joined and and had some extremely key points to make and to add validation to the fact that ELECTRONIC lifestyle, social media, tec, has led to a rise in bullying and the ability to be anonymous hurts as well.

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