11.30.17 – Hallelujah, there’s a Reverend in the studio! – MWLS

Evening radio's Reverend Julian Shay pays a visit; amazingly, Skippy doesn't burst into flames

We’re all over the map this Thursday. Dick and Skippy talk about the future of car chase movie scenes if these self-driving cars become mainstream, what the proper dating-age gap should be when we live to be 200, and proper Christmas music protocol. Also, Reverend Julian Shay – from our own Country Evenings with Lone Star, pops by the studio to talk about his own upcoming guests (including the band Stumpjuice), the pre-internet days of buying concert tickets, and life on the radio back in ‘the good old days.’ Finally, Skippy sulks because they want to lessen the sugar content of his Frosted Flakes.
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