Lone Star Country Nights – Don Woods

Don Woods

On any given summer day back in the 70’s and 80’s driving down some dusty old back roads of Joshua Texas, one might hear on old transmitter radio playing some great George Jones tunes to the hum of an old tractor and chain saws. Make no mistake the sounds were heard not only through the ears of a young country boy named Don Woods but through the heart as the lyrics spoke to his soul.
It was the days of working his grandpa Hammonds farm listening to that old radio hanging in the tree by that rugged old leather strap that Don developed his love for Country Music from some of the greats such as the George’s (Jones and Strait) along with the stage passion of Garth Brooks. It was the greats that would later inspire Don to stay true to Country Music while living his dream.
Don started his musical journey by singing to tracks in reality talent competitions to get just to the next round and be knocked out by a sweet young teenage girl singing a Swift song. Don didn’t let this stop his passion to deliver a great performance any where he was i.e… The guided tour on the Ryman Stage as his hair stood up he knew he just had to sing what was on his heart and yes you guessed it George Jones Grand Tour!! As he finished even the photographer said did you feel that son the greats were all around you up there. After this historical trip to Nashville Don formed a band and began to perform on stages across East Texas and then invited to bigger venues like Mickey Gilley’s of Dallas and the House of Blues in Dallas Texas. Yes the house of blues you see this proves Don’s theory that music is truly a universal language that speaks to people no matter the era or nationality. Speaking the universal language of music to large audiences was powered by his love of country singers and song writers such as Chris Young, Eric Church, George Strait, and Kenny Chesney all of which he soon added to the list of covers he would use on stage.
Along the way he met many friends and it was through his friends he was introduced to song writer John Windsor. John Windsor invited Don to come to Nashville and opened the next chapter in Don’s musical endeavor. Inspired and supported by a long time friend Larry Wallace they would make the journey to Nashville several times through the Recording of his new Album 90 Proof and filming of his first music video. The trips to Nashville was a dream come true and many memories were made with these two old friends that would later be of much worth to Don, for it was just as the Album release was about to take place and Larry and Don would celebrate with their friends and family that Larry took ill and was gone the next week. As Don took this trip to Nashville to step on the stage and present the album to fans and the music industry he felt as though he had yet another angel looking down with both his grandparents that had influenced and stood by him. He learned that night just how to use his sadness to the good as he sang each song with passion.
This passion can be heard with every performance and every song for Don sings with such power and passion one would wonder just where he gains such insight, but for Don he just takes a look to the sky and knows it is through the almighty and the fans above. After every performance Don says a big thanks to many but his grandfather Hammonds and Memphis recording artists Grandpa Jack Levescy can rest to sure the courage to stand and perform comes from his two greats.

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