“Hanging with the Hayters” is a one hour talk show geared towards informing listeners about many of the wonderments that surround us. Too many of us do not have the time nor the inclination to search for the interesting, the weird and the oft times ridiculousness found in history, science, math, politics… You know, the stuff we figured would be of no use to us after High School.

“Hanging” features Mark Hayter, writer, actor, public speaker, retired high school teacher, and humor columnist for the Conroe Courier and The Woodlands Villager. Joining Mark each week, is his charming wife, Kay, who is gaga over flowers, veggies, birds and all creatures great and small. Plus, Kay knows a bunch about sewing and doctoring stumped toes, sliced fingers, leg spasm and head-whomps. Stuff like that.

Needing the occasional boost to get you through the rest of your day, you’ll want to listen to what Mark and Kay have to share. If you’re easily bored, you need to come aboard. Full of interesting stuff, “Hanging with the Hayters” every Wednesday at noon on irlonestar.com.

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