mk-birdwatching-photoMark Hayter and Kay Cross began a friendship at junior high, but didn’t become husband and wife until after college. — How wise was that? — Kay is one of few rational beings who could stay with Mark for over three days straight. Mark is one of few reasonably rational people who can’t understand why that would be such a chore. During the 44 years of their married life, Mark and Kay have learned more about one another than is advisable. The durability of their on-going marriage is a testament to the importance of occasionally pretending to be both deaf and blind.

Speaking of two talented people, besides being a radio co-host, Mark is a newspaper columnist, stage and movie actor, writer of fiction, public speaker and not all that fond of cats. Kay is okay with cats, but prefers dogs. After retiring from the Conroe Independent School District, Kay took on some part time jobs before retiring completely. She now spends time making jewelry, painting on canvas and on walls, and repairing sheetrock. She also studies butterflies, bees, flowers and shrubs. Oh, and she likes to rearrange furniture. Constantly.

I know what you’re thinking. “What’s Mark got against cats?”  That and “What a great couple to have a radio program!” Well, I’m just glad we all lived to enjoy it here every Wednesday from noon to one on Lonestar Internet Radio. —  “Hanging with the Hayters.” It’s the place where you’ll always get to step into something good.


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