1.19.21 – Traffic Tickets – The Legal Connection

Traffic Tickets

Do you have to pay that traffic ticket? Not necessarily. If you have been in jail during or after the ticket but before you pay the ticket then you can move to have the time served in place of payment. – https://www.houstontx.gov/…/CreditForTimeServedMotionForTim…

If you are stopped for traveling over the posted speed limit, are you guilty of speeding? Not necessarily in Texas. Texas Transportation Code 545.352 provides you must be traveling “unreasonably and imprudently under the circumstances then existing.”

What if the police fabricate or charge you with speeding ONLY to stop you and try to find another reason for an arrest. Motion to Suppress and case examples to be given

Link to document – https://irlonestar.com/…/CreditForTimeServedMotionForTimeSe…


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