7.24.19 – Toast of the Town

Oh, this is going to be fun this week. Of course, not that every Wednesday isn’t a party with Kristi and Mel! Montgomery County District Clerk Melisa Miller and Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon will both join us for lots of important information, as well as fun, humor, and a glass of champagne as we TOAST the BEST of Montgomery County! Turn us on and let’s have lunch together WEDNESDAY!

Tune in at noon on Wednesdays and join Kristi Jones Leggett and Melanie Schoettle to toast the best of what Montgomery and surrounding counties offer. Businesses, non-profits, local events, local politics and more find their way onto local Lone Star Radio to talk about their projects, loves, and lives. Please join us and enjoy the information, the laughter and of course getting to know another part of your home region.

Noon to 1pm is half-way through the week and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than with you!!

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