9.13.17 – The Best and the Worst of the NFL – Jake From Sports Talk

and boy does the bad over shadow the good!

Hey guys, it’s another episode of Jake From Sports Talk from your favorite local radio station, Lone Star Community Radio, with your host Jake Lafleur. In this episode we discuss a lot of football with the conclusion of week one in the NFL in our rearview mirror and week 2 just ahead. We also examine the NCCA football world with a jam packed weekend we had this past weekend. We look at the overreactions from the weekend and which reactions Jake thinks are spot on. Also, with football, means we have Mike’s Likes with Mr. Money Bags Mike, and he gives us the power 5 games for week 2 in the NFL after going 5 for 6 in week one. Don’t forget that you can listen to the show live every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm on Conroe’s FM 104.5 and 106.1 or worldwide on irlonestar.com, and you can get involved with the show by messaging the show on Facebook at Jake From Sports Talk or by emailing Jake at Jakefromsportstalk@gmail.com. Please follow, like, and subscribe the show on Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes. Until next time this is Jake From Sports Talk saying, “Sports on!”

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