December 4th, 2014 – The Willis Hour – Chief Nowak and Lauren of Ten Ninety Seven!

Chief Nowak – My segment reminded everyone that there were only 21 shopping days left until Christmas, briefly described the traffic detours for the Christmas parade on Saturday, and reminded everyone of the water tower being taken down. I then spoke briefly about the photographic enforcement system, AKA the red light camera safety program, and I talked about how it works, how people can respond when receiving a notice of violation, and described some of the information that would be in documents to which the listeners could refer.

Memo on Red Light Camera Systems (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

Memo on Renewal of ATS Contract (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

2014 11 17_Willis_Texas_Presentation (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)


With Ten Ninety Seven – WIlis, Tx’s Newspaper!


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