Interested in learning more about great events in our community or about the latest agenda items at the City Council meeting? Then look no further then the Willis Hour! The Willis Hour features a variety of people from our great city including Hector Forestier, City Manager and Marge Littleton, Assistant City Manager who will bring you the council wrap up each month. This segment of the show serves to discuss issues related to city council and items of discussion on the council agendas as well upcoming projects and plans that the city is working on. The Willis Hour also features our Chief of Police and a guest to talk about events and programs happening in Willis. Rounding out the second half of the Willis hour each time is Lauren Swonke editor of Ten Ninety Seven News which serves as Willis’ monthly newspaper. Lauren will highlight upcoming events and programs relevant to our community. If you want to be kept up-to-date about all the buzz in Willis, then tune into the Willis hour now!

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