• The Ticket Stub

    6.14.18 – Episode 59 – The Ticket STub

    This week, Conner, Dick and Chris talk John Cena news, Kevin Spacey is back, and a Dumbo remake. Then they Rewind movies inckluding Upgrade, Thor: Ragnarok and Killer Legends. Finally they play a round of [...]
  • The Ticket Stub

    6.7.18 – Episode 58 – The Ticket Stub

    Dick & Chris are without Conner as they discuss the new Spawn reboot, Johnny Knoxville’s injuries, rewind their punishment movies, answer fan questions and play a game of Head’s Up: It’s a Movie! The Ticket [...]
  • The Ticket Stub

    5.31.18 – Episode 57 – The Ticket Stub

    This week, Conner, Dick and Chris talk Solo, HappyTime Murders and Top Gun. They also do their group rewind of the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Plus a chance to win movie tickets! Tune in to [...]
  • The Ticket Stub

    5.24.18 – Episode 56 – The Ticket Stub

    This week, Conner, Dick and Chris look at movies news regarding GLADD, Solo, and Avengers, then Rewind movies they have seen from the last week (Deadpool 2, Dante’s Peak and RIPD). Then the guys play [...]
  • The Ticket Stub

    5.17.18 – Episode 55 – The Ticket Stub

    This week, Conner, Dick and Chris do predictions for their Group Rewind of Eat Pray Love, Rewind the movies they have seen this week, and play a game called Short Synopsis. Also they will be [...]

The Ticket Stub is your source for everything movies. Whether you can only catch the occasional blockbuster, or see every movie released, The Ticket Stub not only helps you stay informed about what is coming out locally and nationally, but also provides commentary on new movies, points you to movies across multiple streaming platforms, and will sprinkle in some information about the world of movies. Everyone loves to talk about movies, and with this light-hearted format Conner and Dick will hope you make the most of your movie-watching time.

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