Jake From Sports Talk

11.01.17 – Game 7 – Jake From Sports Talk

What’s up my listeners! Thanks for checking out another edition of Jake From Sports Talk. This week is all about the NFL and Roger Goodell’s predicament with the owners, plus a look into the first […]

Mornings with Lone Star

10.2.17 – What Happened in Vegas… – MWLS

It’s not your typical “light” day as Dick and Skippy try to make sense of the Vegas shooting, the Catalan elections-gone-amok, and the utter ineffectiveness of taking a knee during a national tragedy. Put your […]

Jake From Sports Talk

7.26.17 – Episode 7 – JFST

Hear we go ladies and gentlemen with another episode of Jake From Sports Talk with your host, Me, Jake Lafleur, This week we talk about the nightmare Soap Opera that is going on in Cleveland, […]