Lone Star Community Radio reserves specific air time for PSA’s from local government and non-profits in Montgomery County. We do not charge for this airplay, and encourage every Non-Profit or local government entity to participate. We do not guarantee when the PSA plays, or how many times it plays.

To get your PSA on Lone Star Community Radio

  1. Submit a 30 second audio file to lscrstudios@gmail.com

    1. We accept .mp3 or .wav format

    2. We ask the audio spot to be broadcast quality!

  2. We run 1 PSA per organization

  3. Submit a logo of your organization to lscrstudios@gmail.com

    1. We ask for a .jpg or .png format

  4. Alternative – If you want to write your own 15-30 second and provide a voice talent, you can use the studio for FREE! For more information, contact us at lscrstudios@gmail.com

Important notes

  • If you would like to exchange out your PSA with another one, just submit the updated version!

  • If you want to guarentee airplay, we do offer broadcast sponsorships – Click here to view 

  • We do offer production of a PSA for an organization, starting at $150.00. If you are intersted, contact us at lscrstudios@gmail.com

We also encourage non-profits and goverment organization to reach out when you want to promote something on a show! We do not charge for appearences on Lone Star Community Radio programs! Just contact the station to setup your on air appearence. Email: lscrstudios@gmail.com or call the station line at (936) 666-1084‬