Episode 8- Everett Baxter Jr- Crime Scene Mapping with Drones

Episode 8- Everett Baxter Jr- Crime Scene Mapping with Drones
Crime Scene Today with Dan Zientek

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Crime scene mapping has changed tremendously over the recent years.  Once mapping a scene was done using a sketch pad, pencils, and tape measurers.  Then mapping progressed to the use of total stations and scanners.  The recent advancements in Photogrammetry software have added another dimension to crime scene mapping.  Crime Scene Investigators can now obtain scene maps from drones, photographs, and videos (iPhone, GoPro, etc.).


Everett Baxter Jr. has an Associate Degree in Applied Science – EMS and a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry.  He has over 27 combined years in law enforcement.  He is currently assigned to the Crime Scene Unit of the Oklahoma City Police Department.  Mr. Baxter has had specialized training in Crime Scene Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Math and Physics for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Shooting Reconstruction, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Forensic Mapping, Clandestine, Cold Case Investigations. Immersive 3D Diagramming, as well as a host of other forensic training courses.  Mr. Baxter currently teaches or has taught Crime Scene Investigations, Police Photography, Shooting Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and other CSI related classes in the United States and Canada.  Mr. Baxter has presented numerous lectures and seminars at conferences, educational groups and various civic groups in the United States and South Korea.  Mr. Baxter has written papers on the Effects of Cleaning Products on Bloodstains (co-authored), Alternate Light Source.  Mr. Baxter has written the books the Complete Crime Scene Investigation Handbook (CRC Press) and the Complete Crime Scene Investigation Workbook (CRC Press).