Episode 51 – Janet Teague – Crime Scene Today

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Crime Scene Today with Dan Zientek
Episode 51 - Janet Teague - Crime Scene Today
4.14.22 – Janet Teague – Crime Scene Today
On April 14th, 2022 we will get an opportunity to have Janet Teague on the show Crime Scene Today on Lone Star Community Radio. Author of The Bible and the Badges: Blessed are the Peacemakers.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Janet Teague has over three decades of serving in law enforcement. She is a retired sergeant with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and now a chaplain with MCSO and Justice Of The Peace Pct 1. She is a minister with assemblies of God, a co-pastor with faith-based Hope and Healing for Warriors Ministry, where she has witnessed astonishing recoveries and changes in lives that medicine would call impossible. The ministry is making a difference by encouraging, supporting, and overseeing recoveries in the lives of our local warriors.
She has seen the dead brought back to life. She has felt God’s loving hand during the moment lives have passed.
This book weaves spiritual truths together with stories of many encounters with the divine. God gave Janet a mission to minister. There are many things in these pages that will speak to your heart.
Hope and Healing for Warriors (https: //hopeandhealingforwarriors.com) is a ministry that encourages and supports warriors to find strength, make connections, and change their lives. A faith-based support system sharing strength and recovery for military, police officers, first responders, and those who suffer from life-changing events (PTSD).
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