9.20.17 – Cops, Ghosts, and a Luddite’s Echo – MWLS

Dick and Skippy in the Morning
Dick and Skippy in the Morning
9.20.17 - Cops, Ghosts, and a Luddite's Echo - MWLS

It’s Wednesday, and Dick, Skippy, and Jake hit some hard topics. People are already politicizing disasters like Harvey… too soon, if ever? How can “they” say that 97% of scientists agree on climate change when we can only get 4 out of 5 dentists to agree that sugar-free gum is better on your teeth? Also, we have an update on the ghosts plaguing Dick’s girlfriend’s house (spoiler: if they were ghosts, they were, um, physical about it), we discuss if it’s a good idea to film “COPS” in Montgomery County, we weigh in on President Trump’s UN speech, and Skippy rats out his mother the day after she enters the 21st century with her own Amazon Echo.