8.28.18 – Fitness Franchises

Texas Franchise Radio
Texas Franchise Radio
8.28.18 - Fitness Franchises

Fitness Franchise Industry

1. Basic fitness Industry info and current trends and the history of the fitness industry

· 1. 60’s figure salons
· 2. 70’s personal training and Venice Beach
· 3. 80’s Aerobics / Jazzercise
· 4. 90’s Curves
· 5. 2000’s CrossFit
· 6. 2010’s Bootcamps / Boutiques
· 7. 2020’s Boutiques / Specialized fitness

Bradley’s story

Cindy’s story, announcement about the Delta Life Fitness Magnolia studio’s opening this fall.

Stump the chump (Heartburn vs Bad Brad)

Announcements for next show

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