8.21.17 – Music-CHS Bands, Opera, and Festivals! – Conroe Culture

Conroe Culture
Conroe Culture
8.21.17 - Music-CHS Bands, Opera, and Festivals! - Conroe Culture

All about the music! Conroe High School Tiger Band under the direction of Bobby Heathcott has grown from less than 50 to over 380 members! They are also the top 25 high school bands in the country! Community, alumni, businesses, and parents can assist the students soar higher by getting involved with fundraisers.

Madera Estates offers all inclusive weddings with catering, music, and a Spanish, Tuscan venue on 17 acres in Conroe. Explore the large bridal suite with mimosa’s as you get ready or the groom’s suite with games and beer! Ian Ramirez, General Manager, is a professional opera singer-and he was able to share a German aria with us on the show!

Beau Sullivan joined us later in the show speaking the praises of CONROE! Beau is the man behind TruSouth Promotions/events. His upcoming event is a partnership with the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber, 28th Annual Fiestas Patrias on September 17 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Watch for events around Montgomery County.


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