8.19.19 – The Weekly Business Hour – LIVE

The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
8.19.19 - The Weekly Business Hour - LIVE

We will conclude our “Soup to Nuts Conversation” with Ralph D’onofrio entitled “What Questions You Must Answer to Properly Market Your Business.” Ralph D’onofrio is a former Executive V.P. of Pennzoil Products, he has served as an Executive Professor at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and is a Silver Fox Advisor.

In our “Did You Know Segment?” “Why the rise in the secondhand clothing market offers every business an important lesson in marketing.”

I will close the show with his 1bestconsult Tip of the Week – “The Mentoring Process: How it Can Work for You and Your Business.”


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