8.17.18 – Fun-Filled Friday!

Dick and Skippy in the Morning
Dick and Skippy in the Morning
8.17.18 - Fun-Filled Friday!

It’s a studio chock full o’ guests today! First, we have Dannette Suding and Laura Starzyk of YES TO YOUTH Montgomery County Youth Services talking about their upcoming events including a suicide prevention event, a gala, and a golf tournament. Learn more at www.youthmc.org. Next, we have Sgt. Brent Stowe from the Conroe Police Department who is also the coach for the Northside Lions Homeschool Football Team. They’re looking for players and sponsors. Check them out by going to Facebook and searching for Northside Lions Football or emailing nslionsfootball@gmail.com. Finally, we have Annabelle Carillo, Chardelle Adelson, and Amanda Poole in to talk about the amazingly fun Canopy Quest scavenger hunt. Search for “Canopy Quest” on Facebook to find out more!

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